Sunday, May 16, 2010

True Blood: Season 3 Trailer #2


Rita said...

These trailers just keep getting better
and getting to see more of our favorites
and wondering if it is still a dream or
real.and Jason he is something else.Oh!
Sookie And Jason cleaning up the house to get it back in shape.

Jasperann said...

AMAZING!!!!! I loved the whole thing. 'What about Santa?' lmao I can not wait for more.

linda said...

I am teased to the point of breakage!
Bill shirtless and later with fangs *drool*
Alcide has a great voice to match the rest of him.
Tara & Franklin will be dangerously exciting.
Is that Sookie undressing for Eric, another sexy dream?
Jason's Santa remark! Too much fun.
June 13th hurry up!