Sunday, May 16, 2010

Video Charlaine Harris " Dead in the Family" Q&A Dallas Visit May 15th 2010

You won't see her very well, but I tried to position myself near the speakers so you may hear her a little better !


** I'll have some photos up later but the real scoop is TOP SECRET - I'll share that tonight on the radio show! Join me tonight to hear more ...;-)

Charlaine Harris in Dallas "Dead in the Family" Book Event May 15th 2010


Rita said...

MS CH is just a treat to hear and never lets you down who was her son in the show
or was he just a extra,Dallas you did good
thank you.

" Dallas " said...

I do know a little more Rita but not I'm not at liberty to say. Only CH should ever talk about her kids ....

Rita said...

Dallas! that is fine with that i know
how that is,just glad you had a good time.