Friday, June 11, 2010

True Blood’ Costumer Shares Items Characters Can’t Live Without

Sookie’s Daisy Duke shorts. Lafayette’s do-rags. Jason’s 501’s and Frye boots. Thanks to the subtle work of ‘True Blood‘ costumer Audrey Fisher (’That 70’s Show,’ ‘Milk‘), these pieces have become synonymous with the characters who don them, expressing a visual mood often more powerful than the words uttered by the stars themselves.
To conjure up the sexy stickiness of the show’s Louisiana bayou setting, Fisher says her style guideline is simple: “I try to show as much skin as possible.
“We try to create a sense of heat with the costumes by making them skimpier and keeping it very light-weight. That’s always a goal: to think hot, hot.”

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Rita said...

Its funny where all the characters would
shop for their clothes and their foot wear..