Friday, June 11, 2010

True Blood’s Ryan Kwanten on Playing Dumb-Yet-Lovable Jason Stackhouse

When we last saw him, Jason Stackhouse, as played by Australian actor Ryan Kwanten, was in a bit of a bind. He'd just killed Eggs, Tara's boyfriend-slash-possessed-by-the-devil buddy, and even though his pal Andy Bellefleur‎ stepped in to take the blame, Stackhouse was surely headed for some (more) trouble. Kwanten, who got his start on the Australian soap opera Home and Away, excels at playing the dumb-yet-lovable Stackhouse and was psyched about the story line. "That was quite an interesting place to start a season — with the fact that I’ve just killed a man and then trying to deal with that," he told us yesterday. We chatted with him about what's in store for Jason, playing those crazy sex scenes, and perfecting his Louisiana accent.
How much of the new season have you seen?
We had our premiere last night and they showed the first two episodes. I think it was probably the strongest start to a season that we’ve had, so it was really nice to see that. The first episode is pretty action heavy, and I thought the second one was slightly more emotional-driven. But I think just with the layers they’ve created in the first two seasons, they’ve wasted no time in getting back up to speed.

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