Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Recap: True Blood, season 3, episode 6 – ‘I Got A Right To Sing The Blues’

Becca's amazing recap is up on Toronto's National Post!

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The writers are really working overtime this season to show us what vampires are capable of, and to what degree Bill differs from them in deed and action. Was this a direction in which they always planned to head? Or are they cashing in all their cable chips — this episode is particularly gory — to ensure that no one ever again compares their vampires to Twilight or The Vampire Diaries? Whatever the reason, this season bares little resemblance to the previous two. Better, faster, stronger, I say.

• The contrast between Lorena’s fixation with Bill and Sookie’s genuine affection for him is, for me, one of the strongest episode arcs of the series to date. Lorena is charged with the task of killing Bill on Russell’s orders. She produces an arsenal of weapons that would make Dexter envious, and makes us wonder, if we ever did, just how vile she really is. There were at least three opportunities to flash back to Lorena’s past. Hopefully, we’ll get to see her before and at the time she was made. Bill remains the voice of reason even as she carves him to shreds. She accuses him of never embracing their nature, and we can’t help but think that she doesn’t mean all the nature of all vampires, but theirs as a couple. Bill says he wishes to be dead so he can truly be free of his disease. When Debbie and Coot come in and feed off a weakened Bill, Lorena looks on in partial horror, perhaps glimpsing the hell she used to visit upon her victims when Bill was a more agreeable progeny. In his death, she will be alone.

• I really liked Sookie this episode. A lot. For once, I didn’t mind

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Rita said...

Well i really enjoyed this one as Sookie
is in deep trouble ,Eric has a lot of work to do if he gets his revenge on Russell
and i think Talbot will be hurting some
thing has to happen to Lorena,oh please get to Pam before the magister really hurts her Jason just dose not ever learn
i want Terry to be happy but i don't think it last when he finds out that is not his baby.