Tuesday, July 27, 2010

“True Blood” Sucker Punch: Season 3, Ep. 6

Mark Blankenship gives us his "'Sucker Punch"  for this week's True Blood episode!

What a difference a year makes, you guys. Around this time last season, True Blood and I were in a fight. The turgid Maryann business was driving me crazy, the subplot in Dallas felt disconnected from everything else… it was rough. Now, however, the show and I have more than made up. We’re thinking about moving in together. Because seriously… the series is having its best run of episodes ever.

Case in point: “I Got a Right to Sing the Blues.” An exceptional hour of television—written by Alan Ball and directed by John Dahl—it hurls scene after scene at my gut, my heart, and my brain. In fact, so many moments strike me so deeply that I’m hard-pressed to anoint just one Sucker Punch. But since they don’t pay me the big blogger bucks to be wishy-washy, I’ll make a choice.

Before I do, however, let me ask you this: Have you noticed that most of the action is unfolding at Russell’s Mississippi estate? Every room  has its own drama, from Franklin and Tara: Totes in Love in the upstairs bedroom to Stealing Daddy’s Crown in the basement. Meanwhile, the slave quarters have become Lorena and Bill’s own Grand Guignol theater, and the manicured grounds are being prowled by werewolves

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Rita said...

I think that Mark has really let this
episode get under his skin,which means
Mark is a true fan of the series.I also
thought that Joe Lee was sexualy abusing
Tommy the night that Sam came back to the
house and gave Tommy back his keys the way Joe Lee was sitting and the way he had to fix his underwear just said something else.I hope that Eric doesn't
mess up,somehow i thought Eric was trying
to tell Sookie to not cause trouble but
just didn't get it across to her.I am
sorry if you don't agree with me but i
hope Tara killed Franklin cause she is going to be in trouble if she did not,
some how i think Lorena will die in the
next two or three episodes,Bill and
Lorena well is just another story
Lafayette and Jesus is not done yet.
Got to get off here,good Mark.

Gurlie said...

Another great works of Michael Lehmann. Every week the episode is getting hotter and hotter...I am one of the true blood fanatics out there..I love watching this series..

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Gurlie said...

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