Tuesday, July 27, 2010

True Blood teaches us how to talk dirty vampire style

The great Meredith of "Talk Blood Radio"  fame gives us the "Pros and Cons"  from Ep 6

Blood poured from the skies in Sunday night's episode of True Blood. And we also got to learn what kind of dirty talk turns vampires on. No surprise here - it's graphic blood whispering. Watch! What did we learn? That Denis O'Hare is a gosh darn delight. His take on the King of Mississippi is award winning. Seriously.
Side note: I'm beat as hell from Comic Con, so if this True Blood recap starts to detour down into the black abyss of insanity that I'm living in right now, apologies. I will be back in better form next week. But enough about me - let's talk about Debbie Pelt's v-juice bloodgasm, self stroking, and rub downs.

Pro: A slo-mo glide into the mansion. TENSION!!!!!

Pro: Talbot's response to the King's big "Bill's a liar," reveal: "Noooo." Nice Mean Girls moment Talbolt. But of course this is immediately eclipsed when he and Sookie shriek exactly the same way, though naturall for different reasons. I imagine that banister was from the Queen-of-such-and-such-a-thing-that-is-expensive-he's-a-gay-vampire-he-likes-antiques-get-it?

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Rita said...

Meredith just has a way with words her
rendition of the pros.and cons. are just
great i am not good at doing those and
love her take.