Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Go ask Dallas " How did Tara know what a shape shifter was ?"

Dear Dallas

In the breakfast scene in Sam's trailer when he tells her what he is ..how on earth did she know what one is ?
When Sam told Sookie who Dean was he had to do a lengthy explanation - how is it that Tara already knew ???

Man, ol Dallas is stumped ??
Anyone ????


Eddie said...

she's seen werewolves in action. the idea of a shapeshifter couldn't be much harder to comprehend.

PsychicRainbow said...

Surely it's implied in the name?

Dianne's Dishes said...

She knew what a Werewolf was so maybe she just made the jump in her head and figured it out herself.

agirlnamed3mily said...

Tara knew already because that's what was convienient for the writers! They forced the last episode to bend any way they wanted just to end this season and set up season 4, even if in the end it didn't make sense!!

Well all right it is possible she knew because gained that knowledge of shifters at the same time she gained the knowledge of weres, we don't see every minute of everyday in lil ol Bon temps (even if it feels that way) and someone couldve explained the concept to her; perhaps our dear furbanger Alcide, maybe on the truck ride home from mississippi!

celticheart said...

I think most everyone has heard of the term "shapeshifter" in literature, and knows what it is just like they know what vampires and werewolves are (which Tara had plenty of experience with). I'm sure Sookie also knew what a shapeshifter was... Sam had to explain it to her probably because she was in shock, as he had just shifted in front of her for the first time with no warning. And at the Sookie first found out, she still didn't know werewolves really existed, either. Back at that time, she thought the only real supernaturals were vampires. When Sam told Tara, she was not surprised or in shock, and already knew other supernaturals from legend really existed, in addition to vampires. It didn't seem strange to me that she knew what he meant. And Sookie's reaction at the time did not seem strange to me, given the way in which Sam "told" her. If he had sat down at breakfast with Sookie and told her in conversation, she would have probably reacted similarly to the way Tara did.

" Dallas " said...

You guys are all so smart
I think Girlnamedemily is what I think --it was convenient for her to just get it rather than have to have to have it explained ala Sam/sookie

Rita said...

Dallas! while we are on "Go ask Dallas"
not to change the question but you remember Ep.#3 or #4 Bud left and next
season it has him listed in all #12 Eps.
can we find out why he really left the
show i really miss him.