Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Open Letter to Mr. Alan Ball

Mrs Jetplane has some suggestions for Alan Ball

Mr. Ball...Alan...may I call you Alan...

Well Alan, first and foremost I want to THANK YOU. I want thank you for bringing the wondrously amazing Mrs. Harris' books to life. Thank you for letting the world know about these great characters and bringing them into our homes on Sunday nights for 12 weeks (only 12 flipping weeks?). HBO I understand you like to bring on new programming...like constantly, but seriously only 12...Boo.

But I do have a bone to pick with you and your writing team. While obviously brilliant and creative you have taken TOO MUCH creative liberties with a book series that is too widely loved. You have made changes to the story lines in season 2 and 3 that make books in the series too improbable now. While some changes are good... i.e. Lafayette others have disastrous consequences...I'm talking about MARY ANN and FAE here (and Hot Shot/Calvin Norris). You have messed with characters and story lines so much that its beginning to make me dislike the show at certain times.

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Unknown said...

I disagree. First, to make a television series out of a book series and not change a thing would be incredibly boring. Two, this is not great literature. Alan Ball made wonderful changes to the stories. I much prefer True Blood to the Sookie Stackhouse books.

Sharon said...

I totally agree with the open letter to AB. I don't want to be too harsh, but I was really looking forward to one of my favorite book series coming to TV as a series. I have been so disappointed and only continue to watch to see Alexander Skarsgard. He is just great. Most of the vampire parts are pretty good, but the way he makes Southerners look is just wrong. I really dislike what he did to the Hot Shot community and Calvin Norris.

And yes, I understand some changes had to be made, but not nearly so many. There is little of the spirit of the books left.

linda said...

Bill hating, that's nothing new but the Jessica hating, a first, has taken hating Bill and anything associated with him to a new level.
Lady this is just a TV show!


Kathryn said...

Except for Jessica, I totally agree with her. Most critics like the major arc and find the minor ones a distraction. I do too. Sometimes I just think the side stories and changes to characters are a way of Alan Ball saying "True Blood is MINE." Well it wouldn't have been if someone else hadn't dreamed up those characters, town and stories (which are well loved by many). Hoping he sticks closer to book 4 next season or there will be even more criticism, as that's the most beloved of all the books.

" Dallas " said...

I know guys i just wanted you guys t see someone who wrote about fixing the show - not to start5 a fight or think anyone is right about everything ...
Yes Call...love Jess
She is THE best thing Ball has done ..wait, saving Lala was good too !
Ha ;-)