Tuesday, September 14, 2010

True Blood's big finale will burn your face off

and Meredith with her final for the season

Last night was the season finale of True Blood, so was it a spine-ripping good time? Sorta. There was a lot of good, and a lot of bad. But let's break it down Pro/Con style.
All in all, I left this episode feeling satisfied but not as excited for the next season as I should be. Maybe because the cliffhangers weren't anything we've really been invested in this season. Or perhaps it's because The King of Mississippi is seemingly off the show? Was it a bad True Blood episode? No, it wasn't. But it didn't feel like a season finale. Still, there was still plenty of charred vampire face to go around.
Con: And we're off! Eric and the King are helpless on the ground, exposed to the sun's rays. And then, out of nowhere, Baby Angel Vampire Godric shows up. Oh dear.

Con: Even the King seems to agree with me...

This whole angel vampire baby chanting nonsense phrases like "peace" over two slowly roasting vampires makes absolutely no sense.
Con: Meanwhile, Sookie is trapped in her blood-draining coma...with a chandelier. That must mean something or another. [Edit: Wait it's possibly a UFO? Oh cripes].
Pro: But there's no time, she's up and pissed. After getting basically bleeding close to an inch of her life, yet again on this series, Sooks is no longer taking this shit from these vampire idiots. And with one sharp slap to the face we've got season one Sookie back. Welcome back, Ms. "I don't take shit from anyone waitress." We missed you.
Con: Being the big go-getter that she is, Sookie goes outside, finger blasts the silver handcuffs, the King's face and drags Eric inside. Well, he's at least twice her size. Sookie being able to drag in Eric seems a bit ridiculous, but then again maybe she has super finger blast fairy strength as well. Plus it seems silly to point out all the "that's not possible" problems on a show about meth-head werepanthers. But moving on, Eric needs blood, human blood. And since they have ANY human blood at all in Fangtasia? Not even in the creepy former human prison in the basement, Sookie must be drained, yet again by Eric. I don't know about you guys, but just thinking about all the times Sookie get blood sucked in and out of her body makes me lightheaded.

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Rita said...

I enjoyed Meredith's review as usual but it seems that every one seems to think
that every one lives in Bon Temps which
is not true Alcide lives in Shreveport
as does Eric and Pam.

Anonymous said...

Clever Girrl.