Thursday, June 23, 2011

The new faces of Bon Temps- Holly Cleary (Lauren Bowles)

Where you've seen Bowles: The movie Hall Pass, Team: Witches
Who is Holly? The working mom/Wiccan joined the waitstaff at Merlotte's in Season 3 and counseled fellow employees Tara (Rutina Wesley) about being a rape victim and Arlene (Carrie Preston) about how she might use witchcraft to "lose" the baby she conceived with her late serial killer ex-boyfriend, Rene.
What's she up to this season? Arlene and Tara aren't the only characters Holly will be hanging out with this season. Turns out she's part of the same Wiccan coven as Lafayette's boyfriend, Jesus (Kevin Alejandro).
Is she in the books? Yes, she is a Wiccan who works at Merlotte's, though she's not quite as strong-willed as the TV version.,A9457