Thursday, June 23, 2011

True Blood Characters Who Still Haven’t Had Sex (and Why They Should)

How in Fern Gully porno heaven will True Blood top last year's neck-snapping sex sessions and vampire TV broadcasts? By mixing up the sextation on this show. It's time for Andy Bellefleur to get his! But with whom?
Here's our list of hookups we're hoping take place in the new fourth season. Your move, True Blood.
At first, I was tempted to wish for a sordid past between Andy and Hoyt Fortenberry's Mama, Maxine. Thus planting the seeds of a potential Andy and Hoyt father-and-son, on-the-road episode (perhaps Maxine could blurt out the truth while juiced up by the dirt sex goblin?). But I just couldn't do that to Andy — he deserves better. And even though Maxine and I can both get down in a muumuu to Claudine Clark's "Party Lights," she's still a horrible lump of flesh and a rotten excuse for a human being.

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