Thursday, June 23, 2011

Talk Blood Radio comes roaring back our first episode premiers after True Blood Episode 2 on July 3rd 9:30 pm cst

We have been saved by lots of hard work, wonderful friends, fans and some great independent authors and small business owners.

As you all know there just wasn’t an option for me to do the same radio show this year because Blogtalk has changed its pay structure and is actually now a little expensive to use. It’s still the best thing going and the only player for the kind of  live radio show I do with audio clips,  tons of call – in guests and fans. It also offers a  great chat room client and after the live show it auto posts downloadable podcasts right to my blog, onto blogtalk for subscribers and most importantly onto iTunes-- in other words, it’s worth every penny…
So I had to figure out a way to pay for all this or just give up.

There has been lots going on behind the scenes the last 2 weeks as I have been trying to save the show and I wanted you all to know a little about it. We did have a secret fairy godmother/father help us get started raising the money and I pledged to do the hard work needed to make the rest happen! We aren’t there yet , but we are getting there and now we are even expanding to offer a fantastic end -of- season raffle with wonderful prizes for all those that pledge at least $20. I will be posting more about all this soon with more information on some of our new sponsors, this year’s show co-hosts  and more ..

You can help here now by buying a raffle ticket or contact me for other donation and sponsorship offers. You can sponsor an episode of the show for as little at $50 and I will be happy to promote your business/ blog – please help. PAYPAL HERE

Below is a paragraph from an email I wrote earlier this week when things looked pretty bleak – I meant every word of it and I wanted to share it with you . This is what has been worth fighting for ….

What all of you need to know is by far the majority of folks that came forward to support the show are the very folks that have personally made the True Blood fan experience what great fun it has been, not just for me -but for millions of fans over the last 4 years. 

True Blood has been a fun fan experience for many, not because of HBO flashy web sites, the elaborate and expensive advertising campaigns, nor has it been glamorous Hollywood media coverage or corporate fan promotion web sites. The true fun of being a True Blood fan has been created by the fans themselves for ourselves and many of them are my friends and are also fellow co- hosts of Talk Blood.  

They were the very ones that jumped to offer money following my call for help and they  all offered their support to the show. 

@SookieBonTemps – my great friend and the wonderful leader of the True Blood fan Twitterverse. She and the other TB twitter characters have put on live original twitter plays, raised money for charities and offered TB fans millions of hours of fun and excitement on Twitter.

@LafayetteTB- ‘Laf’ has been Sookie’s constant sidekick and is beloved by his following for his wonderful portrayal of Lafayette Reynold’s True Blood character. He has given this community so much by also creating wonderful, innovative True Blood Twitter web environments ( yes, long before HBO came up with them !) in which fans could interact, create stories and have fun. 

Andy Swist of Camp Blood- ( he and his beloved husband, Brian Juergens) beside being  a True Fan, Andy  has given freely his talents by developing the True Blood paper doll collection of graphic art and going way back, he gave us the fantastic Halloween True Blood pumpkin stencils. He and Brian also give us the great pleasure of watching their fangtastic, weekly, True Blood vlog called Bloodwork. 

TES ( TeamEricSookie) and BOB (BillOhBill) of HBO True Blood wiki- These great gals have been the leaders of the most popular conversation streams on the HBO True Blood wiki discussion forum for the last 4 years. They are fans of different favorite vampire Sookie suitors but they have never let their preferences get in the way of encouraging great fan fun and discussions.

Special thanks to all my great co- hosts @Sookie Bon Temps, Andy Swist, Brian Juergens, Mark Blankenship, Meredith Woerner, Jefwithonef and Becca Wilcott. ( All of whom have agreed to come back for another fun year!)  Also a very special thanks to Jen @Robiart for just being such a great friend to the show!

More soon ....thanks and thanks for your help!

"Dallas "

** there is a Google Checkout and Paypal button in the column to the right so you can easily make a donation or buy a raffle ticket. ! Please help!


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Sorry Dallas i was trying to help,i don't
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