Thursday, July 21, 2011

Done-it-all Katherine Helmond sinks her teeth into role on 'True Blood'

It probably shouldn't have surprised us to see Katherine Helmond turn up in the ghastly precincts of HBO's True Blood this week.
After all, the grande dame of the small screen has done everything on TV but host Meet the Press.
She's guest-starred on shows from Mannix to The Glades. She's had recurring roles on series including Coach and Everybody Loves Raymond. In TV biopics, she's played everyone from Emily Dickinson to Hedda Hopper.
Helmond also has had long and memorable runs on hits such as Soap and Who's the Boss? Funny thing, though; even in ensemble comedies like those, it's inevitably her character who lingers most vividly in your head.

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Rita said...

I love her and she was also in "Time Bandits".