Thursday, July 21, 2011

An end in sight for Sookie Stackhouse Charlaine Harris, author of the novels that inspire ‘True Blood’, is wrapping up the series

Charlaine Harris has been writing mysteries for decades. For a long time it was a “heavily subsidized hobby.” Then came the Sookie Stackhouse series of adventures set in rural Louisiana involving vampires, shapeshifters and even fairy godmothers. Suddenly she was famous. Now, with the release of her 11th book, Dead Reckoning, comes news that the series will soon end. But not without a lot of super naturals going to their “true death.” The Southern matron, 59, cackles gleefully at the thought of all the blood she’s about to spill.

Adaptations of her books can be seen on HBO, where Alan Ball (Six Feet Under) has turned them into the massively successful True Blood series starring Anna Paquin and Alexander Skarsgard.

Q: The Sookie books were successful before Alan Ball approached you. You’d even had a few offers to adapt them. Why did you say yes to him?

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