Thursday, July 21, 2011

True Blood S4 Ep 4 - what is the mystery behind all the books !

As Marnie says "Let's turn to the books.That's bound to reveal something."

Of course the episode's opening scene started the week before with Sookie sitting at the kitchen table reading  'Grave Secret' by Charlaine Harris.

Then just the right book of spells jumps off the shelf for Marnie.

Alcide comes home to find Debbie busy reading her Narcotics Anonymous book and talking " Rigorous honesty"

Then the big revelation of the Compton / Bellefleur family connection with the Bellfleur bible

I just liked seeing the stack of books beside Eric's bed in the "Hidey" he installed at Sookie's house

Finally we don't see a book in the scene but we do have the line from Belinda Mickens to Tommy about his news that he is learning to read "If we had a book, I'd make you read it to me."