Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Loving True Blood in Dallas Blog - thanks to readers !

I have been getting wonderful emails and comments here from lots of folks that write to tell me that they really enjoy the blog - I'm glad they write about Hoe Cake recipes, the blog being audible and family history!

The other stuff you'll find most anywhere but the original content here and the quirkiness of the show/books I hope is reflected in this blog which I hope sets it apart from the others ...

Above each article you will see a little "listen now button" you can click on that a very pleasant voice will read out-loud the article to you -WOW! (that great, if you are cooking dinner)

You can also download and save a number of the article audio files and put them on your iPod or mp3 player.

You can also stream the most recent episode of the Loving True Blood in Dallas Blogtalk Radio show right from here as well, all the past episodes can be accessed by click on the Blogtalk link top right ...

I have all the books, audio books and DVDs linked to Amazon if you are having trouble finding them.

The entire blog is indexed- see the topics section. I spend TONS of time on the indexing and it’s hopefully indexed using words that you might use when you are looking something. There are audio interview and videos here too! (Even a full length movie and some TV shows -of Stephen Moyer)
The blog is also word searchable by a custom Google search that will only search this blog. For example do you want to know if I have more information on Maryann’s pig ? -- put 'pig' in the search this blog box and see.

You can subscribe to the blog in your blog reader ( myyahoo, Google reader) or you can subscribe by email using feedblitz. (you might want to set up a special email address because with edits and indexing there can sometimes be quite a few posts per day).

We also have a YouTube Video channel and Scribd site where we store documents (you definitely want to go over there and check out the files we have ) and we can be found on Facebook and MySpace. Links to all of these can be found in True Blood links section –right.
I want you to comment, I want to hear from you by email! Find me and say hello on the HBO True Blood wiki ( I post as ‘True Blood in Dallas’)

Let me know if you need more information or would like to see something else posted here ...Let me know if you have THE idea or topic that you think we should cover on the talks show and please call in. More information on the Blogtalk Radio show can be found by clicking on Blogtalk in the Topics section.

Thanks, Dallas