Wednesday, December 3, 2008

The Top 10 Male Nude Scenes of 2008- Stephen Moyer #3

Stephen Moyer from “True Blood”
True Blood gives us an eyeful every episode thanks to its genius pervy creator Alan Ball. While we never tire of ogling the buff sex machine Jason Stackhouse (Ryan Kwanten), there’s something about Stephen Moyer’s booty that makes us want to … blog. In our favorite scene, he crawls out of the ground, naked, covered in soil, and then gets some nookie from Sookie. What can we say, we like it dirty!

from Friskys


Anonymous said...

made you want to blog! Just kidding, JKJK.

Unknown said...
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" Dallas " said...

Lyulf -you ain’t talking like that on my blog. I guess if you are so incensed you should contact the author at frisky .com who wrote that 4 months ago and tell them they should have clarified their use of “creator” as being of the TV series or of the books and Sookieverse. Alan Ball is frequently called the creator and I’m pretty sure they mean on the TV series, True Blood.

I think there was LOTS more sex in True blood then there was in Dead until Dark.
There is NO sex portrayed with the Jason character in DUD and we have him with 4 different partners in TB. There is no sex with Tara and Sam in DUD and we have multiple occasions in TB –it’s just a sexy HBO show for mature audiences based on a sexy series of wonderful books.