Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Now You Too Can Be A Self-Loathing, Vampire-Loving Waitress

By Meredith Woerner, 7:00 AM on Wed Dec 3 2008, 632 views

Too late for Halloween but just in time for naughty cosplay, HBO is selling the slutty uniform of choice for Merlotte's servers. Get your perky-breasted see-through ensembles now, before you're picked off one by one by local murderers, vamps or the self-respect police because you know that thing really is see through. In other vampy news, there's a veritable nest of vampire goodies over at True Blood headquarters, including DVD goodies, behind the scenes videos, and details on just how long Anna Paquin plans to be a vampire lover.

HBO is selling all sorts of Vampy wares, from Merlottes' mugs to Fangtasia t-shirts.

But the best news is, come May HBO is releasing the entire DVD box set of the first season of True Blood for $60. So until then we'll have to amuse ourselves by watching behind-the-scenes videos, and dressing up in the tiny Merlotte's waitress uniform while reenacting the infamous Rattree fight.

Until the the video of said reenactment is up, you'll have to hang tight and watch this behind the scenes make up video, where the artist explains how she gives Bill that just rolled out of the grave look.

And if you're fearful that the next season (which starts filming in January) may be the last, take heed, an old interview with the National Post where Sookie Stackhouse herself (Ana Paquin) says she's signed on for seven years of True Blood madness, so barring HBO's decision to cancel the series, we could be watching True Blood well into the year 2115.** i do not write them i only post them !