Wednesday, December 3, 2008

One of these things is just like the other - oink!

I think the butler for Maryann maybe a shapeshifter ( like Sam) and the pig is his non-human look...oink oink bk 2

A woman stepped out of the woods. With her was a razorback, a feral hog. Its tusks gleamed from the shadows. In her left hand she carried a sort of stick or wand, with a tuft of something on its end.
"Great," I whispered to myself. "Just great." The woman was as scary as the razorback. I was sure she wasn't a vampire, because I could feel the activity in her mind; but she was sure some supernatural being, so she didn't send a clear signal. I could snatch the tenor of her thoughts anyway. She was amused.
"What has happened to you?" he asked.
I glared at him, so incensed I could hardly speak. "Iam a message to you," I said, almost in a whisper.
"This woman in the woods made Bill's car stop, and maybe even made us argue, and then she came up to me with this hog."
"A pig ?" Eric could not have been more astonished if I'd said she had a canary up her nose.
"Oink, oink. Razorback. Wild pig. And she said she wanted to send you a message, and I turned in time to keep her from getting my face, but she got my back, and then she left."
"Your face. She would have gotten your face," Bill said. I saw his hands clenching by his thighs, and the back of him as he began pacing around the office. "Eric, her cuts are not so deep. What's wrong with her?"
"Sookie," Eric said gently, "what did this woman look like?"
His face was right by mine, his thick golden hair almost touching my face.
"She looked nuts, I'll tell you how she looked. And she called you Eric Northman."