Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Anna Paquin and others on realizing multiple talents

Many people make use of their abilities and achieve satisfaction in life by becoming focused pros or even experts in one area. But many others keep exploring multiple talents, interests and passions.

In her article Are You a Scanner?, Barbara Sher identifies people with “intense curiosity about numerous unrelated subjects” who are “endlessly inquisitive and interested in everything.”

Filmmaking may be one of the most ideal arenas for such multitalented people.

Anna Paquin (who won an Oscar at age 11 for The Piano) acted in and also executive produced her upcoming film Blue State, getting involved in casting and location scouting among other aspects.

In a new interview article, she notes she was “unconsciously” trained to produce while working as an actor for many years. “Maybe I’m weird, but I was always interested in things like insurance and how the weather would affect a shoot,” she says.

“Ultimately, even if I’m just the actor, it’s my movie too, and those things trickle down and affect you. I’ve worked on jobs where literally everything but frogs fell from the sky. And you have to be aware of those things. Because the more pressure you’re under to turn in the performance, you know it all comes down to you being able to do your job well and quickly.” [From Having Their Say, By Jenelle Riley, Back Stage May 21, 2007.]