Wednesday, March 18, 2009

True Blood: Bloody Good Vampires haunt every Thursdays

In Manila they just think True Blood is great too....

TRUE Blood, the red hot new HBO vampire series that has both “fang girls,” “fang boys” and critics excited will finally premiere on local cable on April 9 at the Max channel (formerly Cinemax).

Robert Lyons, HBO’s senior vice president for Programming and Presentation is very enthusiastic about promoting the show. He says for the premiere, “you’re not getting one but four episodes back to back. It’s the second episode that really gets you hooked.” I begged to disagree; this series had me at hello. Vampires, Southern Goth, slick opening credits with a Chris Isaak-esque country blue glass blues tune and wicked sense of humor. Not to mention I had read Dead After Dark a few years ago. What was not to like?

Comparisons between True Blood and Twilight are inevitable. Both have a key human-vampire love story. However, in this case it’s the human who can read everyone else’s thoughts except the vampire’s. Besides being set in a world where vampires and all manner of other mythical creatures exist, the sensibilities of both properties are quite different. True Blood attracts a very different demographic—a more mature audience and certainly more men. As a TV series it’s racy, sexy, suspenseful, often irreverent and darkly funny. The first set of fans that encouraged me to take my first taste of True Blood were men.

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