Wednesday, March 18, 2009

It's a nice place to visit but it's good to be home and a plea for New Orleans !

Thanks to Object Desire's fabulous driving, we zipped our way home today- we had a great time listening to the audio book of Definitely Dead.

We ate beignets one last time at Cafe Du Monde, packed up the car, spent an hour or so touring the still devastated 9th ward and then visited St. Louis Cemetery.

We then made our way home and we were back in Area 6, Kingdom of Texas by 7:30 pm.

I have been to New Orleans many, many times and I love it each and every time...but I had not been back since Katrina and what I saw made my heart ache.

I would like to ask everyone that loves the Sookie books and Louisiana to consider making a donation to one of the great organizations that are working to rebuild the massive devastated areas of NOLA. There is NO city in America like New Orleans and we must continue to care and help them to rebuild ...

I would recommend Habitat for Humanity to help rebuild the great city and/or Make it right, which is building fabulous new green( solar) homes in the 9th. (this is the organization Brad Pitt is involved in ) My family is fighting over the t-shirt I brought home, so maybe you guys support them by buying a t-shirt or other merchandise. buy one here

We saw Habitat Spring Break student volunteers there this morning raking and cleaning ..and they are also involved int he Musician 's Village.
( I took photo above left this morning of one of the fabulous new homes being built !)

If we all just send $10 bucks it would help..