Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Sookie Stackhouse aka Southern Vampire Mysteries by Sheri

Sheri of 'Sherri's World' does a great job reviewing all the Sookie Stackhouse books

Dead Until DarkDead Until Dark, the first book in the series was really quite good. I liked it anyways. The main character Sookie Stackhouse is great but also kind of annoys me. She is a telepathic barmaid who is quite nice, though every human thinks she is a bit crazy. Also, much of the book seemed like I was reading another version of Twilight with more sex and Southern slang. I think this book was written first though. Maybe Stephanie Meyer read it and that is how she dreamt up Twilight. Regardless though, it is a good book. I really liked Vampire Bill. Plus, having vampires “out of the coffin” and legal was a fun twist to vampire stories. I read this book in a night.

I started reading the second book, Living Dead in Dallas after a paranormal investigation. So, I only got in about an hour or so of reading. I finished the rest of it the following day. It was good but not really as good as the first. The most memorable thing that happens in this is the escape from being held captive at the Fellowship of the Sun headquarters there.

Living Dead In DallasAfter this book, I decided to read the back covers of the rest of the books that came in the set. I regretted doing so. Why? Well, I found out Bill cheats on Sookie! Also, somehow she might end up with Eric (Bill’s boss and the sheriff of Area 5 in Louisiana)? Then her brother becomes a shape-shifter? Then she ends up with a shape-shifter? What is going on? Why can’t my vampire reading be satiated with her just ending up with Bill and her turning into a vampire and then they live happily ever after? Oh, right for that I guess I can just re-read Breaking Dawn (again).

Also, the bookset doesn’t have all of the books. Yeah when I bought the set I thought they were all there but it is missing one that is out now and one that comes out in May. Now that I’ve started reading it, I’ll have to buy those too. Damn my OCD and getting sucked into this series!

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