Monday, June 1, 2009

Loving True Blood in Dallas Blogtalk: Eric Northman / Alexander Skarsgard what we need to know ! ( Episode 25)

Join us TONIGHT for the Eric Northman show on Blogtalk Radio...

We are joined by Eric Northman / Alexander Skarsgard fans from the HBO wiki, the HBO Forum and True Blood IMDb..for laughs and discussion. The panel of experts will also answer some trivia questions.

Where is the Eric character as we find him at the beginning of True Blood Season 2 ?

Where is the Eric character as we find him at the end of Book 9, Dead and Gone ? I'll also test our panel with a little Eric trivia.

Our brand new amazing chatroom opens at 8:45 show at 9:00. We want to hear from you too!

Bill fans welcome !

Thanks to Rio, Jessi, Lindsay, EiEi, Tes and Izzy



Louisianagirl29 said...

Thanks Dallas! I love the Eric shows. Can't wait to meet you in Shreveport! We'll go eat some crawfish!

TeamEricSookie said...

I had a great time, as always, Dallas. YOU ROCK!


Anonymous said...

I agree with you when you said that it doesn´t seem like the writers read all the books! Otherwise they wouldn´t put some of the characters in the situations that they faced on season 1, like Tara and the thing that bothered me the most about Eric in season 1 is that he´s very mean and the book Eric is not that mean, specially with Sookie. but I love both Erics! hehehehe
I sooo do hope that we get to see Alex in pink spandex leggings, but I also doubt it.

great show!!!

Louisianagirl29 said...

Hey Dallas, Sorry I missed the show. My daughter woke up from her nap with 102 fever so we took her to the clinic. She just has a bad sore throat. Can't wait to hear the show. I'm going wait until tomorrow morning. Night Y'all!