Monday, June 1, 2009

More true Blood Season 2 spoilers from EOnline

HBO/Jaimie Trueblood

Diana in Bend, Ore.: What can you tell us about True Blood? I'm so excited for season two!
We just chatted up True Blood star Stephen Moyer and asked him about the future of Nelsan Ellis' brilliant Lafayette, and Moyer said, "Lafayette, I can't talk about. Nelsan is an amazing dude, and, uh, I hope he does come back...but I, you know...who knows." There's no decisive statement in there, but "I hope he does come back" seems to suggest that Lafayette's gone somewhere, and for that matter, Nelsan's Lafayette also does not appear in any of the season two promo photos, the press releases or the books after Dead Until Dark. Long story short, we're starting to feel pretty naive for having believed/hoped the show was just toying with us and would find a way to keep Lafayette around for season two and beyond. We are going to need a lot of naked vampires to make up for this disaster. Post your Lafayette lamentations in the comments, and don't forget to check back soon for more from Stephen Moyer about True Blood season two.

Elana in Warsaw: Do you have any new True Blood news?
Lesbians! You heard about the lesbians, right? Vampire queen Sophie and Sookie's cousin Lois Lane Hadley Hale end up sucking face. Now we just need to resolve this question: What's the most HoYay show on TV: Glee or True Blood? Call it in the comments...