Monday, June 1, 2009

Stephen Moyer from True Blood new interview

great new interview with Stephen Moyer from Daemon TV

A few days ago, I got to interview the brilliant STEPHEN MOYER who plays Bill on True Blood.

In addition to being my favorite show on TV right now, True Blood also has a great cast, which of course includes Stephen Moyer, one of the Emmy hopefuls this year. I think we can agree when I say that I hope he gets some recognition this year, along with the show, for the amazing performance he has given us as Bill in the show's first season.

Stephen Moyer was almost as excited as I am about season 2 of True Blood (which premieres on June 14 on HBO), and in addition to sharing his love for the show, he also talked about his process for creating Bill, as well as their highly anticipated return to Comic Con this year (which I teased about), and much more.

So even though the second season of True Blood might still be a few days away, you can at least enjoy his interview now.

Had you heard of the books before starring in the show?

Stephen Moyer: I had not ever heard of them. The closest I had ever gotten to the whole vampire genre was really Anne Rice. Once I had read the pilot I went and read the first couple of books very, very quickly. I loved Charlaine's [Harris] world. I loved the world that Charlaine has created and I think it's brilliant. She's very clever. It's funny, it's dark, and it's odd. It's really sexy. If you think about funny, dark, and sexy that's exactly what Alan Ball kind of created.

Have you read all of them now?

Stephen Moyer: No, no. I sort of made the decision not to, but I probably will read book three before we start season three. Sometimes she'll say something that Bill does or gesture, or physical something that I find very interesting, and I hadn't thought of. Occasionally I will slip back in and have a look at those things.

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TeamEricSookie said...

Stephen referred to we Eric fans as "crazed". *Snorts and giggles*

"Crazed" is such an appropriate word to use when it comes to our appreciation of the Viking Vamp especially since the word is of Scandinavian origin. I love it! LOL!