Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Recasting "True Blood": HBO's Fang-tastic Drama Gets a Latin Makeover!


I confess: It’s been only 3 weeks since I started watching Alan Ball’s HBO drama, True Blood. However, I’m already as addicted to the show as Bill is sprung on Sookie! And I have so many questions. For instance, will my favorite character Jason Stackhouse die after being shot in last week’s episode by that crazy Sarah Newlin? Who will save Jason’s sister Sookie from the Fellowship of the Sun? Is Eggs as trustworthy as Tara thinks he is? Will Sam be framed for Daphne’s murder? And what in sam hell is Mary Ann? All of these questions got me pondering an altogether different question: What would my new favorite show look like with an all-Latin cast? I’ve got that answer: Vivo Por Tivo proudly presents the Latin cast of True Sangre!

Sookie Stackhouse: Joanna Garcia. True Blood centers on Sookie, a waitress at Sam’s bar who has the telepathic ability to hear people’s thoughts. Played brilliantly by Ana Paquin, Sookie is kind, sweet, intelligent, and looks like your typical girl-next-door. But don’t mess with her, because she’s a lot tougher than she looks—just like my girl Joanna Garcia, an adorable, sweet, and bubbly girl who's also a very strong, assertive woman.

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Anonymous said...

i like Joanna Garcia in Reba and i think she would be great as Sookie. now i'm imagining Joanna playing Sookie and trying to figure who would fill in as Bill because i don't think Stephen Moyer would match Joanna since he is great with Anna. ok, i think i found a new Bill, Wes Bentley. i saw a movie with Wes in it, google him for some pictures, and thought he look like a vampire Bill, it would totally work. Joanna Garcia and Wes Bentley as Sookie and Bill!i like to see that.

TeamEricSookie said...

As a proud Latina (well mostly Latina mixed with some Irish in there), I especially liked this take on a Latin version of TB. :D

I do agree with Joanna Garcia as Sooks.

Eddie Cibrian would be DELICIOSO as Bill.

Now for Eric, I'd pick Rodrigo Santoro. Ay Dios mio, que guapisimo!/Oh my God, how handsome!


Unknown said...

Totally agree with Rodrigo Santoro playing Eric..YUM! Joanna's a good pick