Wednesday, August 5, 2009

'True Blood' Thus Far

Nice article from Katie at Rabid Doll

REVIEW: Gore, graphic sex, true love and creepy scares give series a sharp bite

HBO’s new hit show “True Blood” is gaining new viewers by the thousands each week, and with good reason.

Vampires are everywhere right now, from TV and movies to comics and novels. What’s different about “True Blood” is that the vampires are no longer hiding from the public; they’re fighting for their rights in the world. With the creation of a synthetic blood drink called “True Blood,” vampires are no longer in need of humans to feed off of (that doesn’t always stop them from doing so though!).

The show takes place in a small town in rural Louisiana called Bon Temps, and we quickly find out that vampires aren’t the only things unusual about this town. There are also shape-shifters, maenads and telepaths.

At the core of the show is Sookie Stackhouse, a naive southern belle in love with a vampire. Oh yeah, she can also read minds. Bill is her vampire boyfriend, whose thoughts she can conveniently not hear.

A lot went down last season, including Sookie killing the local serial killer who was after her next with a shovel. Meanwhile, Bill was punished by his fellow vampires for slaying another vampire that tried to kill Sookie. His punishment –- make another vampire to replace him. In comes Jessica, who is in his care now; she’s a fiery teenager who causes a few problems for Bill, such as sneaking her new boyfriend into his house.

Sookie has also had to fend off her shape-shifting boss Sam, the owner of Merlotte’s where she works. Sam’s had a crush on her for years, but this season Daphne (a fellow shape shifter) will keep him busy.

Tara, Sookie’s best friend, has found herself caught up with a maenad named Mary Ann –- a god-like creature that drugs the whole town of Bon Temps with her magic, and hosts crazy orgies in the woods, in her house and in Merlotte’s. Mary Ann’s parties do look fun, but there’s definitely something evil going on there.

We’ve also come to know (and love) a few new vampires. Most notably is Eric, the sheriff of Louisiana. He is the boss in these parts, and he’s taken a special interest in Sookie, though we’re not quite sure why yet.

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