Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Sookie is saved by " An ancient teenager."

"You afraid they'll complain, if they're awake?" I yelled. "Let me go, get off me! Get off, get off,get off!"
Finally, I'd unpinned my arms. In a moment, they'd recovered enough from the electric jolt to function. I
formed two cups with my hands. As I screamed at him, I clapped my hands over his ears.
He roared, and reared back, his own hands going to his head. He was so full of rage it escaped him and washed over me; it felt like bathing in fury. I knew then that he would kill me if he could, no matter what reprisals he faced. I tried to roll to one side, but he had me pinned with his legs. I watched as his right hand formed a fist, which seemed as big as a boulder to me. And with a sense of doom, I watched the arc of that fist as it descended to my face, knowing this one would knock me out and it would be all over
. . . .
And it didn't happen.
Up in the air Gabe went, pants open and dick hanging out, his fist landing on air, his shoes kicking at my legs.
A short man was holding Gabe up in the air; not a man, I realized at second glance, a teenager. An
ancient teenager.


teenager said...

That is simply hilarious. Only in True Blood... a extremely original vampire series