Wednesday, August 5, 2009

True Blood HBO Mexico event

Our good friend Analaura in Mexico send us a report from the HBO Mexico True Blood Premier and check out the cool gifts ...thanks Ana !

True Blood’s 2nd season’s premiere was on July 19th but people from HBO Latino made a premiere in a very luxury theatre in Mexico City (called Antara) on July 14th. I was very, very lucky to win a pass to that screening because it was for press people and just 10 fans got to attend.

The screening was supposed to be at 7 pm, but HBO asked to wait a bit for registration and control of the people. Once we completed the form, they gave us 2 tickets. The first one was to participate in a raffle. There were a lot of prices, but the big ones were the complete TB’s first season. The second ticket was to claim a combo at the cinema’s candy shop :D

When we got to access, HBO’s frontman started to talk about Big Love and the new season. Just after that he said it was very proud of what HBO has done with the new series, specially of True Blood, cause it was the first time in Latin America they have these crazy ratings and a lot of people was pushing to get the second season right along with HBO in USA and Canada. But they have this policy that prevents HBO Latino to air a new season before 6 months have passed. Now they’ve made the exception and just waited 1 month to release the new season. That’s why they were doing all of this, for the first time in fact. (and everyone applauded XD!!)

And then we got to see the first episode of TB in big screen!!

After the episode was finished, HBO made the raffle and we were asked to leave the room to claim a few more surprises. Of course we went out like crazies LOL!! And they gave t-shirts, a fang pendant, and a CD with the first 4 episodes of the 2nd season.