Tuesday, August 11, 2009

True Blood: Blood Work Episode 8 'Timebomb"

Hey @Sookie the guys think we need a @BillsBangs too! (inside joke -listen to Talk Blood radio !)

Blood Work! “True Blood” video blog 2.8: Way Beyond the Valley of the Dolls

It’s true, lady: We’re officially two-dimensional.

I’m really staked stoked to be able to announce a very special project that hubby/creative director Andy Swist has whipped up for this season of True Blood: Our very own True Blood paper dolls!

Yes, starting this week you can download Andy’s original cut-and-play designs (grab ‘em over here) and keep your officemates, friends, cats, or spare corpses entertained. Be sure to watch the vlog for info on the all-new CampBlood Cubicle Puppet Show Challenge, and check back every week for a new vlog and a new character’s doll!

This week Lafayette and Pam get the Blood Work! goodness rolling with a walk-off in our refrigerator. Who will take home the prize of Bon Temps’ “Most Fierce”? And aside from that, what did we all think of the explosive last episode, “Timebomb”?

Join the papercut-enhanced fun, below!

http://campblood.org/Newblog/( there is tons of other cool stuff there too)


Rose said...

OMG! The paper dolls are a hoot-and-a-half.

smvgrey74 said...

i loved timebomb so much i made a video http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ftn0T2H-poI