Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Blood Work! “True Blood” video recap Ep. 12: Always the bridesmaids!

For our last episode of Blood Work! Too, we took a tip from MaryAnn (”the Bitch”) and said “yes” to the dress, the Meat Tree, the potted plant hats, and – most importantly – the crazy.

So how did last night’s marriage-happy episode strike us? Were the loose ends (and runny Eggs) suitably dealt with? And of course, what do we think might be next for our drama-plagued Francophiles (Bill and Sookie), service industry members (Lafayette, Terry, Tara, Sam, etc.) and Mountain Dew enthusiasts (Handsome Woman A and Handsome Woman B)?

Join us in the video after the jump for our take on all the nonsense!


Rita said...

Dallas!ialmao they are so funny,i love how they do the videos you never
know what they are going to do.And
thanks for the paper dolls.

Unknown said...

Hilarious recap as always. I watched all their recaps this second season and it was a great pleasure.
Thanks Dallas for introduce me to them. These guys are so funny and their comments accurately reflect my opinion about every episode. they just seem to read my mind!!!!

vampfan said...

Yes, Dallas, thank you for introducing these guys. I have their site in my favorites now. They should have a TV show all by themselves. Great talents!!!!

Rita said...

Where can we see the Eric paper dolls
Dallas,or have they not come out yet?
Thanks Dallas!