Wednesday, September 16, 2009

DRACULA STRIKES BACK! Legendary Vampire’s ‘Memoirs’ Published; Edward Cullen’s Barbie Doll Dissed

Sounds fascinating

LOS ANGELES, Sept. 16, 2009 — Roll over Edward Cullen, and tell Sookie Stackhouse the news. “Incarnadine: The True Memoirs of Count Dracula” comes to bookstores this month (and to Amazon, etc. online). And despite the boom in vampire sagas, author R. H. Greene thinks he has something unique to offer.

“It’s for grown-ups, for one thing,” Greene says of the first installment in his two-part Dracula “memoir.” “I’ve never read a ‘Twilight’ novel, but I see Robert Pattinson everywhere I look, like everybody else. It does seem a bit like we’re in the Hannah Montana era of gothic fiction, doesn’t it? There’s even an Edward Cullen Barbie Doll coming out. I think they’re accessorizing him as a stewardess.

“Incarnadine is hoping to reach more traditional readers. People who will hopefully like having their assumptions challenged a little bit.”

The conceit of Greene’s novel is that it’s a “newly discovered Victorian artifact” once owned by Mina Murray Harker, the heroine of Bram Stoker’s 1897 classic “Dracula.” The handwritten manuscript languished for a century in the cornerstone of a remote Bulgarian farmhouse before being excavated by looters. Their “minor literary payload” turned out to be a first-person chronicle by Dracula himself, covering over three centuries of both his human and “undead” existence.

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