Wednesday, September 16, 2009

True Blood Finale - WTF Did I Just Watch?

Our friend Meredith from io9 weighs in on the finale

This is it, the big finale. And if you thought True Blood went bonkers crazy WTF before, well then you've never seen an entire town marry off a God to a cow and a giant meat uterus. Spoilers ahead!

Remember last week when I said that the I liked it best when True Blood went bananas? I may have been a little hasty. Turns out wrapping up this sex party was pretty easy to do, if you do nothing but subject the audience to pure unbridled lunacy. While I'm all for the whole hog True Blood, I think it crossed the rat shit rubicon, a phrase I really didn't think I was ever going to use again, a month ago and this episode was just some really strange, disjointed crap. But thank goodness for teen vampirism, Claudine Clark and another round of Yahtzee. Because the whole thing turned around and revved up for the third season half way through, but not without some pretty huge surprises.

Con: So we're back at the nest and Tara and Eggs acting like a pair of terrible Disney henchmen bumbling about and fawning all over said egg. Then Eggs made this face and I punched the TV....

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Agree or disagree she's funny and pointing this out was brilliant!!

Pro: Charlaine Harris cameo at the bar, yay! You rule Harris, good to see her getting cred, this is the kind of stuff that belongs in a finale. And I would have to agree with you dear, I did not see the town folk building a giant meat uterus in Sookie's front yard ever happening either. Whew.

Con: Charlaine as much as you fight the Twilight comparisons why would you let them cameo you the same way Stephanie Meyer cameod in Twilght....they are pretty similar.


Rita said...

Can this reviewer please tell us she
dose know the difference between a
cow and a bull,and it was beautiful
at that.And with Ms.CH maybe she did
not know it looked the same.

Sylvia said...

For the most part I agreed with this review, especially the bit about waiting for season 3.

Rippin-Kitten said...

Vampire Bill's household notes & dancing: priceless. I seriously just laughed until i had tears streaming down my face after reading that!