Wednesday, September 16, 2009

'True Blood' Grosses HBO's Second Largest Series Audience Behind 'Sopranos' Sophomore Series Finale's Premiere Averages 5.1 Million Viewers

Putting the final bite on its sophomore season, HBO's vampire series True Blood averaged 5.1 million viewers for the premiere of its season-concluder Sunday night.

Although the Sept. 13 episode didn't measure up to the 5.3 million who watched the Aug. 23 installment, the season finale improved 109% over its rookie-season predecessor, which drew 2.5 million watchers.

Factoring in encores, DVR viewing and HBO On Demand showings, True Blood averaged 12 million viewers per episode, making the Anna Pacquin-starrer HBO's second-ranked series behind The Sopranos.

Mike Reynolds -- Multichannel News


•CW's mixed bag. The Vampire Diaries drew 4.9 million viewers Thursday, CW's biggest series premiere yet, and more than doubling the crowd for Tuesday's debut of Melrose Place (2.3 million) and the return of 90210 (2.4 million). America's Next Top Model (3.2 million Wednesday) had its lowest CW start.

•Toothy. The second-season finale of HBO's True Blood (5.1 million Sunday) doubled last year's finish, while Hung wrapped up its inaugural run with 2.9 million.


Rita said...

Congrads to HBO and True Blood