Tuesday, August 3, 2010

10 Ways True Blood Got Dogfighting Right

I'm a big fan of HBO's True Blood, but I was a little worried last week when it became apparent that the show was going to take on dogfighting. (If you're not caught up on the latest episodes, here's the obligatory Spoiler Alert warning.)
If you don't watch True Blood, here's the background: Sam Merlotte is a shapeshifter who was ditched by his family when he was just a pup. This season, he meets his family for the first time, including a younger brother, Tommy Mickens. In an earlier episode, the brothers go for a run in dog form; Sam picks his favorite breed, a collie, and Tommy shifts into a pit bull. It turns out that Sam's deadbeat dad has been taking both Tommy and their mom into the fighting pit for years. In this past weekend's episode, Sam tracks down the dog fighting ring to save his brother.
In theory, when a popular show decides to address an issue, it can help raise awareness. Or, it can end up diminishing — or even glorifying — the issue, and this is one show that's not exactly known for taking the high road with violence. But here are 10 ways that True Blood got it right this time:

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Your "read on" links goes directly to email, not the rest of this article. I'd like to read the whole thing. Could you fix that, please? Thanks!


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Rita said...

I love dogs and hate to see them being
abused,for that matter i don't like to
see any thing abused.And i think they
handled this really well,good for them.