Tuesday, August 3, 2010

True Blood’s Joe Manganiello Promises to Seal the Deal With Sookie

Joe Manganiello, who plays nice-guy werewolf Alcide Hervieux on True Blood, faced the daunting prospect of bringing to the screen a character already beloved by fans of Charlaine Harris’s Southern Vampire Mysteries novels. Viewers haven’t yet seen much of the romance between Anna Paquin’s Sookie Stackhouse and Manganiello’s Alcide, which takes up much of the third book, Club Dead. But, as Manganiello tells us, more is on the way.
Mike Ryan: In the third book, Alcide and Sookie’s romantic relationship seems more advanced than it does in the series.
Joe Manganiello: Well, the way that it’s been depicted so far in the series is almost exactly in line with the way that the book is. Alcide is in all of the books from the third one on, so the relationship builds from there. But we’re still in the infancy stage—them getting to know each other.
On Sunday night, Alcide spared the life of Debbie Pelt (Brit Morgan). Does Alcide still harbor feelings for Debbie?
Is Alcide going to get back with Debbie? No way in hell. I think she’s psychotic. He didn’t want to get back together with her; he didn’t even want to go back in there. It was really and truly Sookie dragging Alcide back in there. Sookie’s been the catalyst for the emerging leader that comes out of Alcide, which winds up being his arc. In the book, he’s a construction worker who wants to have nothing to do with politics or anything—and really doesn’t want to have much to do with being a werewolf. It’s the unlikely story of how that unlikely hero becomes King of the Wolves, basically

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