Tuesday, August 3, 2010

The Life Lessons Of True Blood

Just because True Blood is shallow summer fun, that doesn't mean that it can't be educational. (We've already gained some new insight into Viking anatomy, if you catch my drift.). There's a lot to be learned from the inhabitants of Bon Temps, at the very least from their many, many, many mistakes. So if you're having a hard time justifying your favorite summer obsession, just refer to our list of valuable life lessons that we've gained from watching the True Blood crew. It turns out that all that time you thought you were just having sexy fun, you were actually growing as a person. And people say that TV is bad for you!

1. Carry Around A Stain-Stick
Blood stains are unsightly and hard to remove, and, as anyone who has ever been near a vampire staking, messy. It’s hard to intimidate people into submission when you aren’t looking your best, and nothing undermines your authority as fast as a big stain on your clothes.

2. Use Reliable Birth Control
It’s important to protect yourself, in all situations. You never know when you’ll have to go to a huge mystical orgy, or end up pregnant with a serial killer’s kid.


Rita said...

Love these and you are right about Sookie.

Unknown said...

Don't forget:
1. Always tip your waitress.
2. Be a generous host *winks at Talbot and his blood gelato*