Tuesday, August 3, 2010

True Blood Fairies: Let's talk about the Vampires that sparkle , Claudine, Tinkerbell , "stealing your light" and the fairy pond in the cemetery scene !

Buzz --Buzz --Buzz about that scene ---
I won't say much because I want to hear your opinions..
The one thing I will say is that SOOKIE IS NOT PSYCHIC and does NOT have the power of precognition!
The scene where she a Claudine read each others minds is fine but the " I knew you'd say that " is off the rails as to what Sookie's powers are ( at least as we know them in the book ) So according to Ball, Sookie is not longer just a telepath, she is now also a psychic.

Also if AHott is right about the Bill in sunlight scene we now have the "sparkle" of the the Twilight vampires and "secret daylight rings" of Vampire Diaries coming into the True Blood world and a new power for the vampires.

Great email from AHott in California
I have a theory...just wanted to share with you. I do read the books but I am reading them "one step ahead of the series," I'm just now reading Book Four. This may have already been shared and if so, please excuse me. I may just be stating the obvious to both viewers and Bookies.
I think Alan Ball is suggesting that Sookie's blood (her "light" if you will) when ingested by vampires in large amounts, allows them to walk in the daylight. That is why Bill didn't die when kicked into the sunlight as he had just practically drained her. This is also why Claudine fears that Sookie would give Bill her "light." It would make the vampires so much more powerful if they knew of it. It's also why she doesn't have a bloodtype. The other clue I picked up is when Sookie picked up that crystal glass at her bedside and Claudine told her it was "empty" and she needed to refill it. Bill had just drained her of her blood and her "light" and she needed to refill it at the pond.

What do you guys think ???????


Layne said...

I did not necessarily think Sookie had become psychic. I thought she was so in tune with Claudine's thinking she just knew what she was going to say. As though they were twins who finished each other's sentences. She lives in a world where she is not understood by humans and now she has met beings who she relates to completely.

Heck, if she can blast light out of her hands why not also include that she can relate and commune with a fairy completely. Especially since Claudine will be assigned to be her fairy godmother.

I just wonder how much more fairy Alan Ball is going to make Sook? I suspect she will be at least 1/4 - 1/2 fairy.

I had no large complaints about anything I watched about the last True Blood show except for a small detail.

Sookie and Claudine were dressed in cliché little girl fairy costumes. All they needed was a fairy wand and a wreath of flowers and ribbons in their hair. But the other fairies had very imaginative clothes that were much better. Also the fairies seemed to be lamely dancing around the fairy fake pond. The entire setting looked very fake. Maybe because it was brightly lighted so it was more obvious that it was a setting and not real. Considering everything they pulled off in one episode, I consider those items very minor. It was a great show. I also loved the Post Mortem. Who would think that anything with Lorena could be funny!

" Dallas " said...

Very good Layne - yeah, but you can certainly see why it "looks" like Sookie may also have psychic abilities.

Yes to the tinkerbell fairies ....we'll have to see how they morph into mighty supes after dancing and running from the dark....

Maybe the writers need to read some of the later books. I think Ball has the rights to Sookie books through bk 8

Anonymous said...

Totally agree with that idea that blood = light for faeries within the dream metaphor. I took some of what happened in Fairyland between Sookie and Claudine to be along the lines of a "collective unconscious" of the faerie race. If it's showing that Sookie has a blood and mystical connection to these faeries, she instinctively knows how the faeries will react at some level, even though she's never been there before or doesn't recall it if she was. Claudine makes a comment about Sookie having tasted the light water before... maybe it was a sort of faerie baptism or something? Anyway, I don't think Sookie is literally precognitive.

" Dallas " said...

Good-- I hope you guys are right and it'[s not a new power

anna said...

I think Claudine was refering to Bill. Bill has always been possessive and overbearing towards Sookie.Bill treats Sookie as a possession not an equal.He also can't be trusted.He was sent by the Queen to win Sookie over. He knew about her cousin Hadley but never told Sookie.He also never told Hadley about Gran. How cruel.Sookie is very seroius when it comes to "family". Remember Bill and Sookie in bed just be fore she was to babysit Arlene's kids. Bill says"You don't know how special you are" case in point.I feel once Eric and Sookie spend time together she will know what it is like to be treated as a equal.Eric completes Sookie.