Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Blood Work! “True Blood” vlog 3.07: Escape from Lilith Fair

Team Talk Blood guys, Andy and Brian bring us their vlog for Ep 3.07

I gotta be honest, I don’t know which would be worse: Being trapped on a plantation full of bitchy gay vampires or being stuck in Sookie’s RenFair afterlife. In this episode of our True Blood recap vlog, Andy and I unleash our inner garden party and frolic bedside, Bon Temps style.
Soon enough we get around to discussing Lorena’s chocolate fountain climax, Sam’s fetish wear, and all the other nutty crap that went down in this week’s ep.
Hop into our Hot Tub Time Machine, after the break!


evie said...

I love how certain scenes are "too much" or "over the top," while others are not. It's a freaking vampire show! The weird fairy land is no weirder to me than dead vampire goo or Jason's endless humping. It fits in perfectly to me.

'Course, unlike most online, I haven't read the books. I wonder if all those who have read the books see how much their book expectations cloud their tv show viewing. I totally understand it because it happens to me when I see movies based on books. I know I can't be objective because I'm too close to what is in my imagination from reading.

Rita said...

I for one enjoy the books and the show at
the same time,there has to be a difference
between them as the books are from Sookies
POV and on the screen big or little they
have to add characters and give them a
voice add story lines,some i like and some
i don't but that is the way it goes.Enjoy
the show as it first comes from Ms.CH
though Alan Ball to us the fans,and always
enjoy Blood Work very much,and give it a
10 in my view.

" Dallas " said...

Hey Evie

Like i posted yesterday and said on the radio show last Sunday night I belive
" the debate about whether True Blood fans should be reading the books is OVER and that the script writing assumes much of the time that watchers have read the freaking books (Alan Ball in EVERY single interview certainly thinks you have ) and I certainly believe you get LOTS more out of True Blood, if you have read the books than you lose! I can guarantee that!!!"

I didn't care for the "fairy pond " in the cemetery very much either".

No, the fairies in the Sookie books are not Tinkerbell kind of fairies they are beautiful warriors and will need to be in some of the next season of True Blood if Ball carries on as he has been.

As for Brian, I of course agree about the scene but I also know he was a reluctant book reader and I do not think he's read further that this seasons books #3 Club Dead ( no fairies are introduced until bk 4) . Andy on the other hand devoured them all and is a true bookie.

I really believe you get more from True Blood having read the books than you lose or that has bad effects on ones expectations and there are always mysteries like Lafayette, Jessica etc