Wednesday, August 4, 2010

“True Blood” Sucker Punch: Season 3, Ep. 7

I've already emailed Mark to ask him what size Texas Stetson hat I should send for him to remember he is  TV critic ! 

WE WILL be talking Sunday night on Talk Blood Radio about my belief that the debate about whether True Blood fans should be reading the books is OVER and that the script writing assumes much of the time that watchers have read the freaking books (Alan Ball in EVERY single interview certainly thinks you have ) and I certainly believe you get LOTS more out of True Blood,  if you have read the books than you lose! I can guarantee that!!!

I think I'll also put a copy of “Dead to the world “in the mail to him today. 
Peru ( or the TB equivalent) here we come ! Haha

Team Talk Blood member , Mark Blankenship Sucker Punch for Ep 7

After delivering two exceptional segments in a row, True Blood comes closer to earth with “Hitting the Ground.” That’s not to say that the episode is bad—it’s really pretty good—but it does contains some frustrating elements.
And by “frustrating elements,” I mean, “this whole thing with Bill.”

Now in this very moment, I’m engaged with what’s happening to him. By viciously attacking Sookie in the back of that van—despite the fact that he seemed to be unaware of what he was doing—Bill has gotten himself ostracized from the human community that means so much to him. By helping Sookie kill Lorena (Bye-bye, diva! We’ll miss you!), he’s only furthering his alienation from his fellow vampires, whom he’s already been pissing off or avoiding for quite some time.
In other words, Bill has become a creature without a country.
And the show is suggesting this will make him an evil bastard. You noticed, I’m sure, that after drinking Sookie’s fairy blood (more on that in a minute), he is kinda-sorta impervious to sunlight. And then when Sookie is in magic fairy dreamland, her magic fairy bestie tells her that Bill is going to steal her light. And then dreamland gets dark.

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svmaddict said...

Unfortunately she didn't say "Bill will steal you light" but "he is coming. Don't let him steal your light".

While there was the matter of him being there when she woke up, I don't think AB meanted for Claudine to be talking about Bill when she said that. I'd love it but I'm fairly certain that's not what this was about. AB is hardcore Team-Bill, he'd never do that. I actually wouldn't be surprised if Claudine meant Eric -and I'll be pissed if that happens...

Rita said...

Mark i have to agree with you the eye
thing got me to,i have a fear of sticking something in me eye,if Eric had not come in when he did i would have closed my eyes
just me i guess,the thing with Claudine
could also be Russell to or any one.Sam
was great this episode let us see what
happens now.I am beginning to like Jason
and Tara again.I think Bill has a lot of
splaing to do but thing will not be the
same,well i will stop now and let someone
else go from here.