Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Loving True Blood in Dallas fan art graphic logo- Wow!

I love hearing from you guys. All the activity and feedback during these weeks during the season truly makes all the work during the long year worth all the work . I have to share a really nice gift I received today from a fellow fan .

Thanks to the amazingly talented Devin who wrote ...

I am a huge & longtime fan of your podcasts & blog. love the insight your callers give and the generally happy feel that all of your shows have. 

As a part- time graphic designer, I have been inspired for a while to do something for you, since you do so much for all of us Truebies!!
Gee thanks,  Devin ! I asked if he had a website or something and WAS BLOWN away at his amazing talent. Man, if you need a photographer in Arkansas this is your guy!!! 
Check it out and thanks again for the cool graphic!


Louisianagirl29 said...

Hey Dallas. Larry is a graphic artist, if you would like him to do something for you just let me know.