Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Vampire Craftin' Sookie Stackhouse cross stitch

Stacy from Vampire Craftin blog writes...I am so proud of myself, and it doesn't happen often.  I created and completed a cross stitch pattern.  I saw so many patterns on line and even those where you make a pattern from a photo and I thought "You have to be crazy"  That is like 75 different flossess and months and months of work.  So this is my version.  It on 14 count fabric.  It is 50x50 and I used 7 diffrent color flosses.  My pattern was one I hand stiched and scanned in and it is not pretty.  If you would like the pattern.  email me and I will send you what I worked from.  I plan on making one for every character on the show.

I took my Cross Stitch Pattern and made a Applique Quilt block.  The pattern and step by step instructions  are available for FREE download on my blog.  I hope to create a block for each character, and end up with a handmade True Blood Quilt.  

I am using the same pattern to created a Applique Quilt block of Sookie Stackhouse.  I will post it soon.

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