Monday, August 29, 2011

The Fug Girls Rate the True Blood Characters’ Fashion Sense

Her backstory: As if she didn’t have enough to do — being the possessor of magical blood, and the beloved of nearly every supernatural man-creature within thirty miles – Sookie also sometimes has to, gasp, wait tables.
Her look: Somebody obviously once told Sookie that hot weather equals hot pants. In fact, she bravely battles the Bon Temps humidity by almost always refusing anything with sleeves or pants. She also owns a covetable, endless collection of skimpy sundresses, the better to drape tantalizingly off her heaving bosom.
Her score: 5. A girl cannot live on tiny frocks and booty shorts alone. We suggest Sookie Netflix the middle seasons of Buffy to learn how to incorporate more vampire-friendly separates into her wardrobe.

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