Monday, August 29, 2011

'True Blood'Ep 10 recap: It's A Latin Thing

Tough luck for those of you who were eagerly anticipating Eric's return to sexy leather-clad Viking form. Tonight's True Blood gave us a respite from the tiring Eric/Sookie puppy love talk, as we learned that Marnie's role in Antonia's war is bigger than we'd ever thought. Before we dig in, you might notice that I am not supernatural sexpert Mandi Bierly -- last we heard, she was kayaking her way to the Hoboken branch of Moon Goddess Emporium in the wake of Hurricane Irene. I hope you'll enjoy this emergency guest recap, even though I just so happen to be Team Alcide. Try to think of it as an Antonia/Marnie type of thing.
So it turns out all of those fancy corporate sponsorships and bottles of AB negative Nan scored for the Festival of Tolerance were for naught. The whole 'human guards with spilling entrails' gag sent the crowd into a panic, with humans, vampires, and witches alike caught in the bloody crossfire. Sookie ran through the crowd to stop a Mantonia-controlled Eric from snapping Bill's neck while Nan kicked ass, took a few names, and staked a bewitched vampire with a pencil.

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