Monday, August 29, 2011

True Blood: Pumping Up The Violence, Burning Down A Song by Jefwithonef

This is great from Jef and I agreed last night on the show and played the Talking Heads version - take that Gary Calamar and Alan Ball - jef should have entitled this column " armed to the fangs !! " ahhahahha

The song itself is fine. "Burning Down the House" may not be the best Talking Heads song ever. Here's the test: Is the song in question on Little Creatures? No? It's not the best Talking Heads song ever.
Still, it's a pretty damn good pop track that has stood the test of time. However, Alan Ball did not choose to use the original, and instead chose to end this week's episode of the same name as the song with a rendition by The Used.

The Used is a band whose Wikipedia entry Rocks Off literally can't read through without rolling our eyes to the point of dizziness. We're long since past the point where the fact that a band spent some time broke or homeless impresses us. Scott Stapp and Rob Thomas lived out of their cars too for a while too, which doesn't improve the taste of their vintage, although Thomas ain't bad for a $3 merlot.

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Rita said...

I will agree with you i had rather listen
to the Talking Heads they sound better than these pretend band.