Monday, August 29, 2011

Talk Blood S4 Ep Episode 10 "Burning down the house" the Podcast up!

In case you missed last night Talk Blood episode - here is the podcast !

This was the Hurricane Irene edition as 4 of my co-hosts are located in NY City and many had to evacuate due to Hurricane Irene. So our friend Alex Cranz (also a North Texan !) , editor of has graciously agreed to step in and help tonight. We will also met tonight's episode sponsor,  the wonderful Shirley Sharp of  WordConnex .com

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Rita said...

I really liked this episode,Eric looked like ae.Eric when he was remembering every
thing but he had more,so i would guess
he is still injesting every thing that has
happened.I hope Nan gets her due,loved the Terry and Andy thing and the back story.I really feel for Jason,Hoyt,and
Jessica,i really felt bad for Tommy as
much as i hated his storyline and even
worse for Sam.Am so ready for the last two EPS.but sad that it will be another
year to wait for season #5.