Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Andy's New True Blood Paper Dolls: Sam and Tara !

that means its Eric and Sookie next week !

and sam



Sylvia said...
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Sylvia said...

I deleted my other comment because I posted it before I caught your comment, Dallas.

Of course I was complaining about there not being an Eric doll!
Can you imagine how many girls are going to be covered in paper cuts next week? tee hee!

Rita said...

Love all the paper dolls,have not
played with paper dolls since i was
a kid.

Andy said...

Hey there... This is Andy (aka the guy who creates these paper dolls). Just want you to know that I appreciate all the love and the kind words. It's great to know people are having as much fun with them as I am!

Anyways, wanted to say that Eric is, of course, going to be one of the dolls. And when he arrives, I truly hope all the legions of Eric fans (The Minions) will be pleased with my offering. ;)

" Dallas " said...

See there gals-- Andy may be a Bill fan but he is saving some love for Eric ....

I'm sure 'the great one' will be pleased

Sylvia said...

Andy, I'm sure we'll be pleased.
I just love you and your dolls!

I gotta say though, it's a little humbling(or embarrassing even) to have to fight my daughter for playtime with the paper dolls.

Andy said...

Heather: LOL You can always print your daughter her own set. ...or are you playing with HER set?

Sylvia said...

I just printed out the one set. I don't know why it didn't occur to me to print out more than one, seriously.

I'm going to try and keep Eric for myself(or print out two) but she's already taken notice of him on my wallpaper and I bet she'll try to snatch him up too.
She's always telling me how 'that man needs a hug.' And boy is she right.

Anonymous said...

Now Dallas, Sookie was last week. I predict we'll get Eric next week, and if Andy does a girl it'll be Jessica. But we still need a Jason doll. And a Maryann and Carl. Oh, and Arlene and Terry. And Godric, 'cause I want to see what he's got on under those white pajamas.

" Dallas " said...

yes, yes I didn't get anything right yesterday- sorry.

We have had Lafayette and Pam and Sookie and Bill and now Sam and Tara

so we are missing Eric and Jessica ( Maryann/ Arlene/ Dr Ludwig ?)

they are all here


TeamEricSookie said...

I love how Andy's paper dolls are getting as much attention as the actors who portray them. :D

I have special cardstock paper that's just waiting for Mr. Northman's chiseled body to be printed on it. ;P