Tuesday, August 25, 2009

True bloody momentum for True Blood: 5.3 million and another record!"


The amazing story of HBO’s True Blood just doesn’t stop. From DVD sales to setting new

series high in viewers every week, this week up to 5.332 million — it’s an impressive tale. And the show is just plain campy fun to watch at this point.

Last week True Blood scored 4.46 million so the week over week growth is almost 20 percent (19.55 percent).

In two years of the blog, I’ve never seen any show with this sort of momentum. Usually when we see that kind of momentum it is sadly in the other direction (I’m looking at you, Heroes!) so this would be fun to see even if I wasn’t now hooked on the show…

True Blood was the #3 show on cable for the week. And when you consider that HBO is only in about 1/3rd of the homes most basic cable networks have access to, that’s impressive. Will it get to Sopranos style impressive? It’s certainly trending in that direction. The Sopranos was often the #1 show on all of cable, despite being available in relative few homes.



Rita said...

Great keep going.

TeamEricSookie said...

Good Lord HBO has a monster of a hit on their hands. KA-CHING!